Chef Paring Knife!

The kitchen knife is a staple of every kitchen. From a chef's knife to a cleaver, from a paring knife to a carving knife the knife is perhaps the most used tool. Learn about what makes a good knife, which knife makers are best, and what the different types of knives are used for.

Parts of a Knife

Knowing the various parts of a knife and what they do is important when looking for a knife.

Common Knife Questions

When buying a knife, there are a handful of questions that are good to ask. Here's some of the more common questions and a discussion about the pluses and minuses of the different options.

Types of Knife Blade Materials

There are many materials used in knife blades. We'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of many of them.

Types of Kitchen Knives

There are countless types of kitchen knives being sold. We discuss some of the more popular (and more useful) types of kitchen knives available.

Brands of Kitchen Knives

There are many brands of kitchen knives and each one is known for different things. We'll address some of the bigger differences between the various brands.
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