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Global Kitchen Knife

Global kitchen knives were first created in Japan by Komin Yamada in 1985 and went on sale in Europe in 1988. Since then they've taken off and been adopted throughout the world. Global Knife was also selected as a Japanese Modern 100 award winner in 2006.

Global knives are easily recognizable by their distinctive stainless steel modern one piece blades with their dimpled, stainless steel handles. They are also know for having thinner and more lightweight blades that fit well into small to medium sized hands much better than other knives.

The popularity of Global kitchen knives took off in America when Anthony Bourdain recommended them highly in his memoir, Kitchen Confidential.

Global knives also come with a lifetime warranty.


The Global Knife Blade

Global knives are made from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel which is a top stainless steel. They are tempered and hardened to a HRC 56 - HRC 58 on the Rockwell scale then "face-ground" to a long taper. This allows them to hold their edge for a very long time and resist rust and corrosion.

Another point of difference between global knives and other knife brands is the edge of the knife. Global grinds their knife blades to a taper instead of the normal round bevel that many knife brands use. This makes them razor sharp.

Global knife blades are also thinner and more lightweight than other knives. This helps with maneuverability and ease of use while reducing hand fatigue. Global does make a line of "heavyweight" knives for cooks that prefer added heft in their knives.

The Global Knife Handle

The handle of a Global knife is probably the feature they are most known for. They are stainless steel and molded to fit in your hand with dimpling to help create a safer grip. There is also a notch for your finger between the blade and the handle for added safety.

Global knife handles are smaller than traditional knife handles and are easy for cooks with smaller hands to use effectively, and even some cooks with large hands have found them to be more comfortable.

The balance on a Global knife is created when they inject a precise amount of sand into the hollow center of the handle. The sand flows in the chamber as the knife is used, creating a continual balance.

The entire knife, including the handle, is one piece so it is seamless for sanitation since there are no food or dirt traps.

Sharpening a Global Knife

Because of the harden steel used in Global knives they recommend using a ceramic sharpener or a diamond steel instead of a regular metal honing steel. They also suggest using a synthetic whetstone or ceramic whetstone to home the blades.

Global also makes a Sharpening Guide Rail to help hold them at the proper angle when using a whetstone. MinoSharp also makes a water knife sharpener which helps make sharpening Global knives much quicker and easier.

Lines of Global Knives

The most common line of global knives is their Global G series and GS series. These are the lightweight stainless steel knives that are their staple knives. If there is no designation about which line the knife came from then it will be either a G or GS. GS knives are just supplemental knives that are not in the G series.

The other series of Global knives are their heavyweight version of the G and GS series. These are the GF and GSF series. They are just heavier than the other lines and are drop forged.

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