4 Things to Look for in a Chef's Knife

When looking to buy a new chef's knife it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. There are different sizes, different brands, and different edge types ranging from about $20 to several hundred.

Making an incorrect decision not only wastes money and time but also can make your cooking experience miserable.

To help you make your decision here are the 4 critical qualities you want to look for in a good chef's knife. If you base your knife selection on these it will make your decision much easier and you are more likely to buy yourself a great knife that you will be happy with for years to come.

High Quality Chef's Knife

While you can find cheaper chef's knives that are decent, we really believe your chef's knife is not the place to skimp on quality. We would stick to the major brands like Global, Shun, Henckel, and Wusthof.

You do not need to get the most expensive knife, but going with a cheap one will cost you more, in time and headaches, than getting a high quality one to begin with.

A Chef's Knife Should Have Heft

The heft of a chef's knife is very important to its cutting ability. Ideally, you guide the knife as it cuts without having to put much downward pressure on the blade. The more heft the knife has the better it can accomplish this.

That said, make sure you can comfortably control the chef's knife. Having a super-heavy knife that you have trouble lifting comfortably will do more harm than good.

Good Length for the Chef's Knife

Chef's knives come in sizes ranging from 6" to 10". We recommend buying an 8" to 10" knife. This will give you the blade length to easily slice through roasts, potatoes, and other large pieces of food without having to make multiple cuts.

The larger blades also allow a better rocking surface for dicing or mincing.

The Knife Should Feel Good in Your Hand

The single most important thing about buying a chef's knife is to get one that feels comfortable to you. There is no point in buying a knife that you will not enjoy using.

Go to a culinary store near you like Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma and try out the various knives they carry. Keep the above qualities in mind and find one that not only meets them but also feel great in your hand.

You should now be ready to find yourself the perfect chef's knife!