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Grapefruit Knife

Details of a Grapefruit Knife

For people that love grapefruit a grapefruit knife is a necessity. While there are several different kinds, all grapefruit knives try to accomplish the same task, removing the fruit from the tough rind and membranes that hold it.

Single Blade Grapefruit Knife

The single blade grapefruit knife is the classic style your grandmother probably used. With a serrated blade it can easily cut through the membranes and rind. The blade is also curved to make it easier to cut underneath the sections without losing any of the tender flesh. The grapefruit knife also has a rounded point, this allows you to slide it under the fruit without piercing the rind.

Multi-Blade Grapefruit Knife

The newest grapefruit knives are multi-bladed. The first blade normally functions similarly to the single blade grapefruit knife. The second blade is typically a doulbe-blade that you can slide between the fruit and the membrane, easily removing the tough membrane.

Uses of a Grapefruit Knife

A grapefruit knife is great for sectioning out any type of citrus fruit. It can also be used to more easily remove melon flesh from the rind or to hull out a tomato.

Our Recommended Grapefruit Knives

Things Cooks Love Grapefruit Knife: $18.00
A nice and simple wooden-handled, single blade grapefruit knife.

LamsonSharp Grapefruit Knife: $14.95
Another easy to use, simple wooden-handled, single blade grapefruit knife.

HIC Harold Imports Squirt-free Grapefruit Knife: $3.95
A nice multi-bladed grapefruit knife.

Norpro Grapefruit Knife GRIP-EZ: $7.74
The Norpro Grapefruit knife is a nice multi-bladed grapefruit knife.