Kitchen Meat Cleaver

Kitchen Meat Cleaver Disclaimer

A kitchen meat cleaver is a large knife used for splitting meat and bone, as opposed to a 'Chinese Cleaver' which is actually more of a chef's knife than a cleaver and can be damaged if it is used as a typical kitchen meat cleaver.

Details of a Meat Cleaver

A kitchen meat cleaver has a heavy blade of almost uniform thickness until the very edge of the blade, which is bevelled sharply. They are typically square and designed to withstand the force of cutting in a fast stroke without bending or cracking. Most home kitchen versions of a meat cleaver are a 6" long light duty version of the typical thick-bladed heavy cleavers found in restaurants.

Uses of a Meat Cleaver

A kitchen meat cleaver is normally used for chopping meat and splitting or chopping through bones. It can also be used for splitting lobster or shellfish, chopping chicken, turkey or other poultry.

Our Recommended Cleavers

Global Heavy Meat Cleaver: $121.00
This heavy duty 6 1/4" cleaver weights almost a pound and is made from stainless steel. It handles chopping meat and chicken with no problems.

Wusthof Kitchen Meat Cleaver: $89.95
The Wusthof meat cleaver is made from high-carbon steel and is a good quality meat cleaver.

J.A. Henckles Pro S Meat Cleaver: $79.95
The J.A. Henckles cleaver is a nice less expensive high-carbon steel meat cleaver.

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