Paring Knife

Details of a Paring Knife

A paring knife is normally 2 to 4 inches long with a plain edge blade. Most professionals prefer a high carbon steel blade that was forged.

Uses of a Pairing Knife

A paring knife is ideally suited for cutting vegetables and fruits, as well as boning chicken. They are also great at controlled, delicate work like deveining shrimp, coring apples and pears, peeling vegetables, cutting small garnishes, or removing the ribs and seeds from hot peppers. A paring knife is a great all-purpose knife, much like a small chef's knife. You can also use a paring knife off the cutting board which can give you better angles and more control in certain situations.

Our Recommended Paring Knives

One place to save money on your knives is with your paring knife. As such we showcase 2 less expensive paring knives.

Kyocera Ceramic Paring Knife: $29.95
A ceramic knife holds it's edge for a long time and makes a great paring knife. The main issue with them is that they tend to chip after time, which is less of a problem since at $29.95 you can afford to replace them when it happens.

Wusthof Paring Knife: $14.95
Another inexpensive knife by a great brand. The Wusthof paring knife is full-tang high carbon stainless steel.

Shun Elite Paring Knife : $119.95
If you're looking for the best it is hard to go wrong with the Shun Elite Paring Knife.

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