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Bread Knife

Bread Knife Disclaimer

A bread knife is one of the areas that we actually recommend you save money. While you can never go wrong with a high quality knife, there are lots of decent and inexpensive bread knives out there.

Details of a Bread Knife

A bread knife is normally between 6 to 10 inches with 8 inches as the standard. We wouldn't recommend going shorter than 8", and preferably 10", for your bread knife otherwise you can run into trouble with splitting baguettes or cutting round loaves. Having an offset handle is also advisable to prevent your knuckles from hitting the cutting board. A bread knife has a serrated, slightly curved blade. Be careful of blades that are too flexible since they can be dangerous when trying to cut artisanal bread with hard crusts.

Uses of a Bread Knife

A bread knife is used for many things besides just cutting bread. You can use your bread knife for cutting tomatoes (no more squished tomatoes), edging cakes, cutting bagels, slicing meats and cheeses and cutting cakes.

Our Recommended Bread Knives

One place to save money on your knives is with your bread knife so we have recommended some at all price levels.

Shun Elite Serrated Bread Knife: $199.95
The Shun Elite Knife is a nine inch serrated bread knife. As most Shun knives, it is very high quality.

J.A. Henckles Twin Four Star Bread Knife: $99.95
The J.A. Henckles bread knife is 8" long and made of high-carbon steel. It's the knife I use at home and it easily handles cutting everything from soft cakes to crusty artisanal loaves. I highly recommend it.

Wusthof Gourmet Bread Knife: $49.95
Wusthof is known for their high quality and even this less expensive knife is very effective. It is a good 8" high-carbon steel bread knife.

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